How a Model Scout Can Tell If You're the Next Big Thing

It’s not unusual to hear people outside of the fashion industry questioning our collective taste in models. As any fashion fiend knows, the industry is often trying to defy convention, so common traits are hard to pinpoint. We often find ourselves, even, trying to figure out why certain models are more successful than others, especially when people we’d expect to be very popular are much less so than their peers. What’s the reasoning behind this, we wonder?

To find out, we went straight to an expert in the field: Kristen Bolt, a scouting and development agent at the acclaimed Marilyn Model Management in New York City. Having worked with some of the coolest models in the industry, Bolt has a killer eye and really knows what differentiates a good model from a great one.

Scroll down to find out exactly what Bolt believes makes for the ideal model.