4 Party Outfit Formulas Our Fashion Friends Always Rely Upon

When is a party outfit not just a party outfit? When it's downright fabulous and turns every head in the room. (A discounted price doesn't hurt, but we'll get to that later.) That's when an after-dark look really deserves a pat on the back, a host of compliments thrown your way and probably a decent selfie… or 17. We're very much of the thinking that a fantastic party look is for life, not just for Christmas, but now is a particularly prime time to invest. Evening-wear trends tend to remain the same year upon year. Sequins will always be in, feathers will always be fun, sparkly shoes will never lose their pizzaz, and the little black jumpsuit will forever be powerful. Now is the time to remember those failsafe codes and to run with them. Start building that wish list, book that cocktail bar reservation and be sure to hail a cab (because—heels), and whatever you do, don't share our number one party-shopping secret: THE OUTNET.

Due to our aforementioned thesis on party dressing—that nothing really dates, so pick items that feel most extravagant and see them work hard year after year—THE OUTNET is a veritable treasure trove of goodies, all at a fraction of the price they once were. From jewel-strap stilettos to lace dresses, party blouses to fancy pants, there is every possible party personality covered in the extensive drop of dance floor–worthy goods. It's the savvy way to do this season's standout evening looks, but we are aware there's a great deal to choose from. So, we've edited the concept down to four failsafe outfits our fashion friends always reach for come champers time. Keep reading to see the best party looks from THE OUTNET now.


The Outnet Little Black Jumpsuit Outfit

Bored of wearing a little black dress for every single event? Some of our coolest friends have been too, which is why they're turning to the equally chic LBJ: little black jumpsuit. Sassy, flattering and full of personality, it can be dressed up one of a hundred ways.


The Outnet Leopard Dress Outfit

When it comes to party-ready prints this season, you can't deny leopard is at the top of the tree. When going for a short hemline and an animal motif, it's best to keep your heels on the lower side to look elegant, and pile on the gold jewellery because nothing complements the molto-fabulous failsafe quite like it.


The Outnet 90s Throwback Outfit

There's always that girl at the party who knows just how to look vintage and kooky without seeming totally bonkers. We'd recommend slipping into a slinky bias-cut silk dress and then mixing and matching vibrant accessories to emphasise this season's penchant for jewel tones.


The Outnet Top and Trousers Outfit

If you're more of a casual girl, but jeans are strictly forbidden for a particular event, it's a very wise idea to invest in party separates—like a fancy top and luxurious trousers. Add in a few different textures to really up the ante, and remember you can wear your party pants to work some time with a sweater and boots.

The only decision that's left: Go au naturel with lip balm or do a red lip?

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