The 25 Best Items on The Outnet Right Now, According to this Fashion Editor

One of my best kept secrets as a fashion editor is THE OUTNET. Ok, I may have told a *few* people about it by now and all my ‘fashion’ friends are fangirls with me, but I’m often still amazed when other friends aren't as familiar with it. I mean, how do they think I’m affording this wardrobe if not for THE OUTNET’s discounts?! 

Seriously though, as I’m getting older and, like everyone these days, more aware of the impact my shopping habits are having on the world, I’ve started pledging to buy less and invest smarter. Not every brand I buy is perfectly sustainable yet, but if I can try to create less waste and buy better quality pieces that I cherish for longer, that’s a start in my eyes. 

The Outnet spring collection


The Outnet

Shopping at THE OUTNET plays a huge part in this for me. Not only does it mean picking up amazing deals on designer labels whose quality can often be out of my price range normally, but you’re also encouraging less waste within the industry itself by backing a less strictly seasonal approach. If that means bagging that sold-out-everywhere Ganni dress I desperately wanted from last season, I’m perfectly ok with that. 

There is a lot of choice on site (hardly a bad thing) and it can sometimes be daunting at first if you don’t have a direction in mind. My tips? I find it especially good for shopping investment basics like cashmere and denim, and also great dresses that never go out of style. A sure fire way to find the gems on offer is to head to the bestsellers edit and go from there— which is what I did when curating my current wish list below. Plus, there’s an extra 20% off the bestselling styles until Sunday!


The Outnet

Keep scrolling to see my top picks from the site right now, and how I’m looking forward to wearing them this spring. I’ll just be over here saving up while you read.

Shop My Wish List Now:

I've had my eye on this for a while. It'll be perfect with chunky sandals for spring but also boots when winter rolls round again. 

Everyone needs a classic trench and this linen one would last me for years to come. 

I'd wear this check dress so much. That justifies it, right?

Are these the perfect light blue jeans? I think they just might be. 

After months in tracksuits I'll be using any excuse to wear a beautiful frothy dress like this this summer. 

Collared and cornflower blue = my dream spring knit. 

I'm looking forward to having a bit more fun with my wardrobe this season and crochet is one of the trends I plan on adding to my repertoire. 

I can't get over how good this would be for a late summer wedding. 

I've wanted a piece of this Rixo bandana print ever since it was first released. This is such a good 'jeans and a nice top' top. 

The perfect 'Dad' trainer to go with pretty dresses. 

I'm still desperate for a Proenza Schouler tie-dye top and this one's a great transitional piece. 

I really enjoy a wide leg cropped jean and these creamy ones will be a nice update for spring. 

We haven't worn heels in a while so I'll ease myself in with these for weddings and dinners out. 

I like how this feels like a casual day dress for the city, but it could also work for holidays (when they're back on). 

I'm calling it now, this summer is going to be all about shorts. Extra style points if they look like men's boxers, so these Burberry ones have gone straight to the top of my list. 

I'm into the idea of layering pearls with my gold necklaces this spring. I blame Harry Styles... 

A show-stopping Zimmermann dress for half price. How can I resist?

Bright colours are everywhere this spring, I'd tie this over my shoulders when socialising outside on cooler evenings. 

Silk skirts have become a wardrobe staple. They're just so versatile and work with a vest for summer and a knit for cooler days. 

OK, I may be getting ahead of myself but even if we can't go abroad this year I'll enjoy wearing this in the garden during heatwaves. 

I'll pair these with floaty dresses for the pub or park.

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