These Are the Most Popular Fashion Brands in Hip-Hop

Hip-hop artists interest in fashion has been well documented, from their omnipresence at fashion week to the repeated brand name–dropping in their music. But as a new article on Quartz reports, the type of brands that these artists are drawn to has changed a lot over the years. Back in hip-hop’s heyday, the 1980s and 1990s, it was much more common to see these artists rocking urbanwear lines like Fubu, Cross Colours, and Sean John. Conversely, the biggest hip-hop stars today gravitate toward luxury brands, especially the edgier ones. 

So which labels are mentioned the most in today’s hip-hop music? Well, according to Rap Stats, which tracks all of the words and phrases used throughout hip-hop music, these are the most popular (in no particular order):





Louis Vuitton


There’s no clear-cut answer as to why this change took place, but as the Quartz article points out, a lot of luxury brands have incorporated aspects of urbanwear into their lines, offering successful hip-hop artists the best of both worlds.

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Why do you think hip-hop artists gravitate more toward luxury brands today? Sound off in the comments!