How Much Money the Kardashians Really Make From Their Show

If you're a red-blooded Americanor even just a red-blooded human being living in 2014you have probably at some point wondered how much money the Kardashian family pulls in from all their various business ventures. With the Kardashian sisters' makeup and clothing lines, the retail store Dash, and public appearances, it's no doubt they rake it in.

But their E! show Keeping Up With the Kardashians is one of their most long-standing and well-known cash flows, and now TV Guide Magazine has learned (and shared) how much the family makes per season. The Kardashians have signed a contract with E! valued at $10 million per season, the magazine reports. At about 20 episodes each season, that's $500,000 an episode

When you consider that in order for the show to go on, all the Kardashian family has to do is show up, look pretty, and act somewhat absurd, $500,000 an episode is a lot of money. And that's on top of all their other ventures, which no doubt provide sizeable income in their own right.

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