Finally: Miucci Prada Has Shared Her Opinion on The Devil Wears Prada

When author Lauren Weisberger set out to pen her now-iconic novel The Devil Wears Pradawe have to wonder: Why did she pick Prada? Did she think about how equally iconic designer Miuccia Prada would perceive the somewhat derogatory use of her name? Well, now we know.

In an interview she did with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera this week, Prada finally expressed her opinion on the whole matteronly 12 years after the book first came out, and nine years after the film adaptation. 

?"The book was awful," the designer said, according to Us Weekly. "The film, on the other hand, was fun." 

Ha! Very interesting to knowwe wonder how other designers might feel in the same situation. The Devil Wears Balenciaga might have been a very different story....

What do you think of Miuccia Prada's response to the book and movie in her name? Sound off in the comments below!

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