We Were the First People to Try The Body Shop's New Foundation, and It's Good

Foundation is a bit of touchy topic here at Who What Wear. It’s not that we don’t like foundation; it’s more that we’re constantly on the lookout for the perfect formula. Because, if you’re asking me, the perfect foundation hasn’t been created yet. Sure, there are plenty of wonderfully glowing and wearable ones around, but as far as a foundation that blurs all imperfections, feels totally weightless and leaves skin looking like skin goes? I’m still waiting for the perfect formula. 

It’s needless to say, therefore, that when we hear there’s a new foundation launching, we’re desperate to try it and find out whether it’s The One. So when one of our favourite beauty brands (The Body Shop, of course) reached out to tell us they were reformulating Fresh Nude Foundation (£18) and that they wanted Team Who What Wear to be the first to try it, we couldn’t possibly say no.

The new reformulation sees a shade extension (now available in 40 shades with an impressive three undertones), a repackage into a 100% recyclable bottle and the addition of vitamin E and Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera for refreshing, moisturising, glow-boosting goodness. Sound up your street? Keep scrolling to find out how we got on.

Keeks Reid, Freelance Beauty Editor and Who What Wear Contributor

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation: Keeks Reid



“I’m just getting back into foundation after a long hiatus (with the exception of the Dcypher Custom Foundation, which I love) so a medium-coverage formula wasn’t what I was expecting to jump back into the base pool with. My go-to base is either solely concealer or a lightly matte finish, but I was excited to try this. First, I loved the bottle—it’s really travel-friendly, and I love the spatula tip, which I found made it easy to apply the right amount. My shade, Deep 1N, was a pretty perfect match, and the formula blended really well. As an oily girl, I found that after just a few hours, I was very shiny, but topping up my T-zone with powder was fine. It didn’t cake, and the coverage remained intact.”

Maxine Eggenberger, Who What Wear Acting Assistant Editor

"I already have base makeup that I put on a pedestal, but I'm always open to trying something new as I get genuine fear of missing out on something brilliant. While this stuff hasn't knocked my current foundation off the top spot, I have to say I was impressed by this mighty little bottle. It's called Fresh Nude, and while it was slightly more matte than I'd ordinarily like, I like how lightweight this formula is. I've been wearing it for a solid six hours, and it looks just as it did when I applied it, something that often falls short with foundations—especially in its price range.

“The coverage is full enough to hide my dark circles but still sheer enough to not feel cakey on my skin. I have been told by more than one makeup artist that I have a difficult complexion to match to, as my undertones are so varied and have occasional rosacea flares. However, the colour I blindly chose—Light 1W—was the perfect match; again, something I've never previously had when choosing foundation online. Not too pink, nor yellow, nor alabaster—it was just right. Of course, you should consult what my colleagues and our Who What Wear contributors say to their experiences in terms of shade options and coverage, but for a foundation under £20, I would say it's up there as one of the best I've tried."

Abbey Jones, Freelance Social Media Editor

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation: Abbey jones



“I’m definitely not a foundation-every-day kind of person. I usually opt for a tinted moisturiser or just go without, so this one was perfect for me. It gave me a nice, smooth finish but felt super comfortable and natural on my skin. Because of the vitamin E and aloe, it had the feeling of a tinted moisturiser but with the coverage of a foundation. Plus, it has a lovely smell—a nice bonus!”

Shannon Lawlor, Freelance Beauty Editor and Who What Wear Contributor

“I’ll put it out there: I really don’t like foundation. Not because I don’t like the way it makes me look but because I hate the way it feels on my skin. I almost always wear skin tints over foundations, and because this stuff promised to be a blend of the two, I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt.

“First of all, can I just say that I really love the packaging? The fact it’s totally recyclable is brilliant because I hate having to chuck pump foundations in the general rubbish bin. The little spatula is also brilliant for scooping foundation out of the bottle. Second, I’m a huge fan of the natural, fresh scent—it really brings a sense of zen to my morning routine.

“I tried shade Medium 1W, which was a little dark for me, but that’s how I like it. The formula and finish are both good. In fact, considering this is a high-street foundation, they’re really good. Medium coverage that freshens and soothes the skin as you apply it? What’s not to love?! I hate matte foundation (putting it out there), and this is sheer enough that it lets your natural glow shine through but delivers just enough coverage that general pigmentation is blurred. It didn’t totally cover my acne scarring, but I can’t say I wanted it to. As a foundation cynic, will I wear this every day? Probably not. I’d rather just stick to concealer where I need it. But will it be my go-to for days when I do want a little something extra? You better believe it.”

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