Whoa: Find Out Which Blogger Is Being Studied at Harvard

Bloggers run the world, guys—or at least a very select, elite crew of them do. Not only are they partnering with major designers, making millions of dollars, and generally being regarded as celebrities in a number of ways—now, their careers are being taught at organisations as prestigious as Harvard Business School. Really.

The Blonde Salad blogger Chiara Ferragni's stratospheric levels of success inspired the faculty at Harvard to create a class on her business, according to WWD. The class will focus on how a number of luminaries built their brands from the ground up; Ferragni is in the company of big names like Stella McCartney and Jimmy Choo. "It’s the first case study Harvard has done on a blogger, and explores nearly every aspect of Ferragni’s growing and global business," WWD reports.

Not only is it the first time a blogger has been the subject of serious study at Harvard, we'd be willing to bet it's the first time a blogger has been the subject of serious study just about anywhere. This is major for Ferragni, and makes an important statement about the impact bloggers have had on the business world at large.

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