The £50 Sandals Fashion Girls Are Losing It Over This Summer

Over the past year, new-in sections have been like a revolving door of "dad" trends, with everything from anoraks to golf course–ready polos getting attention from the fashion crowd. This year, it's practical sandals brand Teva that has had a quick shift in reputation, and in the UK, they're selling very quickly on ASOS, Amazon and Urban Outfitters this month.

Teva sandals are the type of shoes you'll find in any camping shop in the Lake District (alongside Clif bars and CamelBaks). So what has made Teva velcro sandals suddenly become so popular outside of walking groups? As with most unlikely trends, this one was started by Miuccia Prada, who has made chunky, rubber-soled sandals with Velcro straps a cult item, rather than just sensible ones. The Prada versions are sold out pretty much everywhere, so Teva is now the best option for those wanting to buy into the Velcro trend.

Tevas are shoes you can easily walk 10,000 steps a day in, thanks to the spongey platform and the adjustable straps. They come in many colours, including orange, white, khaki, aqua (a popular style is the Hurricane Drifts). However, the most-loved style within fashion circles right now are the Universal sandals in the Midform version, which are available in the UK for £50 on ASOS. Thanks to the platform, these are perfect for toughening up pretty floral minidresses and slip skirts. For those looking to go full-on dad, try adding a pair of white chunky ankle socks.

Keep scrolling to see how people are wearing Tevas this summer—and buy them before they sell out. 

Style Notes: Marissa Cox from Rue Rodier wore her classic black Tevas on holiday with a floral wrap dress and her Loewe basket bag. 

Teva sandals: black Universal classic sandals


Hannah Almassi

Style Notes: Who What Wear's Hannah Almassi has been wearing hers to the office with slip skirts and midi dresses.

Teva sandals: midform velcro sandals


Joy Montgomery

Style Notes: Who What Wear's Joy Montgomery also has a pair of the Midform Tevas, which she's been wearing every day since the day she got them.

Style Notes: This is one of the coolest ways we've seen to wear Tevas this year.

Teva sandals uk:  Mid-form Tevas sandals and white blouse and floral midi skirt


Joy Montgomery

Style Notes: The Midforms are the perfect partner to slip skirts. 

Style Notes: Tray has the white Hurricane Drift style of Teva sandals and shows they look amazing with a boilersuit and layers.

Style Notes: Rachael wears the classic black pair with ankle-length jeans and a beige blazer. 

Style Notes: They look amazing with midi length skirts and dresses.

Style Notes: If you're after fun sandals, you can't beat the colour-blocked Hurricane Drift Tevas. 

Style Notes: For a bolder look, opt for a pair of bright aqua Teva sandals like Tray. They look amazing with white jeans and dungarees.

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