Tenniscore Is My Whole Summer Vibe—28 Chic Items to Get the Look

Summer 2023 tenniscore: @leximars wears tennis outfit on the court



Is that a sigh I hear? Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you for being a little exhausted by yet another TikTok-viral aesthetic. But hear me out—this is different. The world of tennis has been inspiring fashion long before we ever added "core" to the end of anything. The proof lies in the thousands of ridiculously chic vintage Lacoste ads you can find on Pinterest, and in the image below of none other than Princess Diana sporting what we're referring to in 2023 as tenniscore, but way back in the '80s. Anna Wintour lends tennis yet more fashion credentials—she has been attending Wimbledon for many years, and her longtime pal and tennis legend Roger Federer even co-hosted the Met Gala this year. 

Tennis, with all its elegant, refined and well-moneyed connotations, has unsurprisingly always had a stronghold on those looking for a chic yet sporty summer vibe. But there's no denying that this year in particular, the world seems extra primed for a wave of tennis-mania. With conversations around quiet luxury and the "old money" trend peaking in spring, the concept of a "tennis club" aesthetic actually makes a lot of sense as a natural progression from this elegant minimalism into the summer months. Sofia Richie Grainge—poster girl for quiet luxury—is most certainly a member (see below for proof). 

Summer 2023 tenniscore: Princess Diana wears a tennis outfit



Princess Diana was a tennis fan and was often spotted at Wimbledon. Here, she indulged in the tennis fashion trend while attending the Vanderbilt Racquet Club in London in 1988. 

This timing also lines up with Chanel’s Cruise 2023 show, which saw models walking the runway in white two-pieces with rackets slung over their shoulders. Cult brands Ganni and Sporty and Rich have both released collaborations with heritage tennis outfitter Prince this summer, whilst both Tory Burch and Reformation have all but sold out of their tennis-inspired activewear collections. Not to mention, Zendaya just dropped the trailer for her new tennis-themed film Challengers to rapturous anticipation. Out on 15 September in the UK, I’m expecting (read: hoping) to see some serious tennis-inspired looks on that promo tour.

Of course, Wimbledon is in full swing right now, which always influences my desire to get out onto the court (or at least look like that’s where I’m heading), and in that, I’m sure I’m not alone. The competition is a reminder of how chic and timeless one can look in all white, after all. But whilst tennis fashion is clearly having a moment, there’s a depth of history and tradition that keeps it coming back every summer and proves it’s more than just another passing fad.  

Model wears tenniscore on Chanel cruise 2023 catwalk.


Courtesy of Chanel

So, what does tenniscore actually look like? Think polos and pleated skirts, little white dresses and knitted vests for that added vintage vibe. Model Iris Law nailed a ready-to-wear version of the trend at the Cannes film festival earlier this year (see below), proving how keen Gen Z is to jump on the hype, but it can also involve a more sporty and practical approach, which is perfect if you actually play tennis. 



Model Iris Law took the tenniscore trend to the Cannes film festival this spring. 

Keep scrolling to see the chicest 28 items I could find that perfectly nail the tenniscore fashion trend for summer 2023. See you on the courts! 

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Bella Hadid wears a tennis outfit watching the French Open in 2017.



Bella Hadid wears a sporty tennis outfit whilst watching the French Open back in 2017. 

Of course, Sofia Richie Grainge wore a tennis-inspired mini-dress during her wedding celebrations.

Influencer and girlfriend of Taylor Fritz wears tennis outfit on the court.



Morgan Riddle, girlfriend of US tennis star Taylor Fritz and host of the new Wimbledon Threads video series, is one of a new wave of influencers in the tennis world.