Tendril Braids Are Our Favourite Hair Trend Right Now—Here's All the Inspo

We’re not sure about you, but whenever the New Year rolls around, we find ourselves searching high and low for new hairstyle inspiration. Something about the winter months just seems to make hairstyling particularly tricky. From matting winds and drying central heating to hat hair and messy updos, trying to get your hair to do anything right in these cold climes is no mean feat. 

This winter, we’re on the lookout for slightly more interesting ways to style our hair—something low-key, wearable and easy enough to execute, yet something different enough to break up our boring winter hair cycles (wash, style, gets greasy, throw it up in a bun, repeat). One trend garnering traction at the moment is tendril braids, and they just might answer our winter hair prayers.

Super-fine statement braids or plaits that can be as high- or low-maintenance as you like, tendril braids make for the perfect go-to when you’re feeling at a loss with your hair. Keep scrolling for the very best tendril braids out there for some serious inspiration.

Tendril Braids: @haileybieber



Hailey Bieber's beachy tendril braids have proved majorly inspiring this year. The best bit is you don't have to live near a beach to get this look. A little bit of salt spray through the lengths will leave strands looking matte, textured and effortlessly cool.

Tendril Braids: @lauraharrier



If there is one person we turn to the most for hair inspo, it's without a doubt Laura Harrier. These super-fine braids are left loose at the ends for a seriously chic finish.

Take note from Leigh-Anne Pinnock and incorporate some skinny tendril braids into a slicked-back updo.

Tendril Braids: @himichelleli



We couldn't be more obsessed with this look. A knitted bonnet, pastel-pink lengths and undone tendril braids? This look sums up all of 2022's biggest and best trends.

Margot Robbie's balayage blonde lends itself beautifully to the tendril-braid trend. Keeping the plaits loose at the root brings out the brighter ribbons of colour. 

Tendril Braids: Dixie D'Amelio



Dixie D'Amelio's '90s-inspired beauty look is giving off a sort of pretty-grunge vibe that we want in on. Face-framing tendril braids teamed with a statement smokey eye? Yes, please.

Tendril Braids: Beyoncé



Beyoncé has served some of the very best braided looks of all time over the years, and we think this is one of them. Seriously thin plaits and unlaid edges prove a match made in hair heaven.

Tendril Braids: Dup Lipa



While beachy tendril braids lend themselves to textured and tousled hair, this glass-hair look from Dua Lipa shows that tendril braids are suited to more polished evening looks, too. Keep hair silky and shiny by using a nourishing hair mask before styling. 

Tendril Braids: Karol G



We're taking notes on this entire beauty look from Colombian singer Karol G. While tendril braids can give off a relaxed boho look when left tousled and undone, these tightly knotted plaits look equally as beautiful.

Tendril Braids: Bella Hadid



If you hadn't already guessed, Y2K beauty is set to be 2022's biggest trend, and this entire look from Bella Hadid has cutesy millennium beauty written all over it. 

It's not just long-haired people who get to enjoy the beauty of tendril braids. Face-framing plaits on chin-length bobs are proving very popular, too. 

Tendril Braids: @symphanisoto



Skinny balayaged braids with ribbons of blonde running throughout? Yes, yes, yes. 

Tendril Braids: @luciacuesta_



We can't enough of this minimal-fuss boho look. Start by creating some subtle waves throughout lengths either with a waver or by sleeping in plaits. Once your hair is suitably wavy, section out the front part of the hair on one side only, and plait.

Tendril braids are proving popular amongst French girls due to their low-maintenance nature. Leave hair totally as is after air-drying, and plait very fine braids in random places for a chic, low-fuss evening look.

Tendril Braids: Zendaya



Mini, tendril-like box braids, just like Zendaya's, are set to be one of the most popular protective styles for 2022—and we can see why.

Tendril Braids: Gigi Hadid



For a fun take on face-framing tendril plaits, take a leaf out of Gigi Hadid's book, and create bubble braids using tiny elastics.

Next up, it's official—these will be the biggest hair trends of 2022.

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