What Some of London's Coolest Fashion PRs Wear to the Office

Fashion PR is perhaps the only branch of the industry that requires a strict uniform. At fashion week, you'll be able to spot the PR team immediately, as they're invariably the ones wearing all black and looking rather executive with headsets and iPads. The Communications Store is one of the most powerful agencies in London, working across fashion, beauty, lifestyle and VIP, and works with the biggest names on the global fashion stage such as Roksanda, Christopher Kane and Versace.

What it means to be a fashion PR professional has really changed since the agency launched 22 years ago, and so has how they dress. "When I started the company, I actually bought a pinstriped suit to try and be really corporate," explained Julietta Dexter, the founder of TCS. "When I was younger, I felt that I had to prove myself in that way and wear 'business' clothes. But now I feel much more comfortable to celebrate my femininity, and I wear beautiful dresses. I've definitely evolved as I've gotten older and dress more feminine in the workplace."