How Taylor Swift Responded to That Hilarious Viral Vine

1. Not only did Taylor Swift herself tweet the link to the hilarious Vine of her seat-dancing at the VMAs, but she included some of her own song lyrics. [Twitter]

2. Pharrell collaborated with French leather goods brand Moynat on a line of bags covered in choo-choo trains. [Fashionista]

3. Find out how the iconic baby blue Tiffany's box became one of the world's most instantly recognisable images. [AdWeek]

4. Too broke to pay hundreds of dollars to colour your hair? Here's a guide on how to get the job done without breaking the bank. [Byrdie]

5. Courteney Cox adorably bemoans how her Friends-era "Monica" haircut never caught on as much as the "Rachel" did. [YouTube]

6. Because you want to know what Eva Chen's insanely stylish coffee table looks like. [Domaine]

7. It turns out that a whopping 71 per cent of young people are interested in wearable tech, contrary to prior reports. [Forbes]

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