How YOU Can Shop Taylor Swift's Most Favourite Outfit

If there's one singular pop culture figure who's ruling the world right now (sorry, Beyoncé!), it's Taylor Swift. With the arrival of her new album, her appointment as New York's official global welcome ambassador, and a campaign for Target using her own music all debuting in one week, Swift has been on the tip of pretty much everyone's tongue lately. 

When it comes to her style, Swift is known for being unapologetically ladylike, devoting herself to pretty tea dresses and carrying nothing but miniature lady totes. But if there's one outfit she wears more than any other, it's the matching set. 

Whether she's performing, going to events, or just running around her newfound hometown of New York, Swift is wearing this look. Perhaps she simply knows what works best for her, because the outfit suits her very well. Keep scrolling to see all the times she's worn the look recently, and to shop the pieces yourself!