Flashback Friday: 11 Photos of Taylor Swift You've Never Seen Before

In the event that you've not turned on a computer, television, cell phone, tablet, or really anything that houses a Wi-Fi connection in the past couple of weeks, we're here to inform you of Taylor Swift's growing ubiquity. 

The pop star released her latest album, 1989, which swiftly (see what we did there?) climbed the charts to the number-one spot. She was named the official ambassador of the city of New York. She covers Time magazine this week, and discusses her stance on everything from feminism to the New York Knicks, and transformed herself for the cover of Wonderland. She is literally everywhere.

The "princess of pop" has actually been on the scene for longer than many people realise; we went back through the archives and dug up some vintage photos of her for your enjoyment. Keep scrolling to see 11 photos of Taylor Swift you've probably never seen before!