The Results Are In: Men Think THIS Star Is the Hottest in the World

Although Maxim magazine’s past definition of sexy has involved ladies with a tendency to wear little to no clothing, its recent rebranding under Editor in Chief Kate Lanphear has switched the focus to women who are not simply beautiful but relevant and talented, too. The proof is in the just-released Hot List (formerly The Hot 100), which is now open to the coolest films, travel hot spots, restaurants, and more alongside the usual batch of “hot” women.

And who have Maxim men deemed worthy of the #1 hot spot? Taylor Swift—usually associated with the girl-crush-worthy promotion of all things classic and feminine.

Although she is beautiful, sex appeal is not what first comes to mind with Swift, but as Lanphear told WWD, “I was really determined with the issue to try and rebrand what hot means for [us]. … [Taylor] was chosen based on her accomplishments and upcoming projects.” Well, we definitely like the sound of that.

But will this feminist angle become a trend among men’s magazines across the board? Fingers crossed!

Read more at WWD, and scroll down to see the cover, along with Swift's coolest outfits!