Only Taylor Swift Could Pull This Off

Although Apple certainly isn’t hurting for success, the tech giant recently announced that it will be launching a subscription streaming service to rival the likes of Spotify, Rhapsody, etc. While this may sound innocent enough, many artists were annoyed to learn that the company would not be paying royalties during the service’s three-month trial period. Amid a sea of indie artists who might be easier for a giant like Apple to ignore, Taylor Swift—she of the infamous Spotify shaming—took one for the team on Sunday by announcing on Tumblr that she’d be withholding her most recent album, 1989, from Apple Music unless changes were made. “We don’t ask you for free iPhones,” she pointed out. “Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.”

Unsurprisingly, the music world rallied around her, with Elvis Costello even calling her “our future President.” And it didn’t take long for Apple to respond either, as Eddy Cue, the company’s senior vice president of Internet software and services, made an announcement later that day: “When I woke up this morning and read Taylor’s note, it really solidified that we need to make a change. … I let her know that we heard her concerns and made the change.”

Well, bravo to Taylor, who is quickly becoming the go-to spokesperson for artists at large who may not have as big a microphone as she does. “I am elated and relieved,” the star tweeted early this morning. “Thank you for your words of support today. They listened to us.”

Read more about the incident at The New York Times, and let us know what you think of Swift’s stance in the comments!

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