What Taylor Swift's Bag-Carrying Style Says About Her Personality

A few weeks ago, we spilled deets on what your bag-carrying style is secretly communicating. But there's one way to carry a bag we missed—the "Taylor Swift way." Well, our friends at Glamour tapped Tonya Reiman, a body language expert, to give her thoughts on what Taylor is communicating with that specific way she totes her bag in the crook of her arm. 

"It's a very demonstrative pose," Reiman said of Swift's style. "She is quite proud of her bag and wants the world to see it as evidenced by the way she holds it, dangled on her forearm, slightly away from her body and allowing both body and bag to be on full display. In doing so, she demurely suggests power and pride." But why does she always place her hand at the front of her bag? "Two goals are accomplished. Her hand draws additional attention to the bag, and it appears that her bags are very important to her. By holding them, even slightly, she offers protection for the bag and its contents." Very interesting.

Keep scrolling to check out a few snaps of Taylor carrying her bag, and go a bit further to shop some of our favourite bags of the moment if you want to start wearing your bag like Taylor.


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