I Always Ask US Friends to Put This Brand In Their Suitcase—Now It's In The UK

A few years ago, I got talking with another beauty journalist about her favourite skincare brands, and she said to me, "You absolutely have to try Tatcha." Her skin looked incredible and I was sold—until I realised that I'd have to hop on a plane to New York to get it, as it was only available in the US. I quickly made a pact with some pals across the pond to bring me back a couple of products when they visited the UK. So, you can imagine the sheer excitement when an email popped into my inbox with the news that Tatcha was finally launching in the UK on 4th May.

Tatcha is a skincare brand inspired by Japanese rituals and ingredients. Think innovative, luxurious textures combined with ingredients that really work. The formulas all have a complex of twice-fermented rice, green tea, and algae, which so many people swear by for transforming their skin. 

I knew the US Beauty Team at Who What Wear swear by Tatcha too, so I caught up with them to find out which products are really worth the investment – and adding to basket now that Tatcha has landed on UK soil.

Best Tatcha Skincare Products
Erin Jahns, Senior Beauty Editor, Who What Wear US



"I love this beloved cream anytime, but I especially love it before I apply makeup," says Erin. "I also have an infatuation with The Water Cream (which is lighter and sometimes better for my oil-prone skin), but the finish of this plumping cream feels like a shot of vitamins to the face, and it always manages to make my complexion look and feel supple, healthy, and naturally radiant. It's the one Tatcha product I literally recommend to everyone without missing a beat, and I have yet to ever hear a complaint!"

This lightweight moisturiser is great for skin that's on the oiler side, but still delivers hydration.

Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor, Who What Wear US



"This is tough but I love the Essence Treatment. I used to use the Essence religiously because it made my skin feel so soft and buttery (in a good way, of course). It has the brand's esteemed fermented complex of green tea, rice, and algae that just makes your skin really glow."

Shop more of Tatcha's bestsellers:

This serum-in-moisturiser formula is great for compromised skin, and is fragrance-free to reduce irritation.

Skin is smoothed and plumed with this hydrating serum.

If dark spots or dull skin are concerns, this vitamin C serum helps to leave skin clear and radiant.

This weightless moisturiser feels like silk on the skin, helping to firm and smooth the skin.

Cleansing becomes such a treat with this silky oil. Apply on the skin and rinse with water to emulsify to easily remove makeup – without stripping the skin.