The Best Affordable Basics to Buy From Target

There are moments in everyone’s life, when something comes up that makes you stop and think to yourself: Time for a Target run. Usually, that something is along the lines of an upcoming barbecue (where else can you find charcoal, outdoor pillows, and string lights all in one place?) or a need for basics in bulk (hello, paper towels). But unless there’s a major fashion collaboration happening, you probably don’t think of Target when it comes to clothes shopping.  Well, today we’re showing you that the big-box store has plenty to offer in the way of stylish tops, totes and more.

Scroll through to shop the 14 best closet essentials we found at target! 

Merona Women’s Genuine Leather Slouchy Tote Handbag ($100) in Grey

Do you know any great stores for buying bargain basics? Share them with us in the comments!