The Best Tall-Girl Fashion Advice, From a Very Stylish 6-Foot-Tall Woman

Fashion problems that only tall girls experience is a completely unknown topic for me. I'm small—too small to even consider dishing out advice to those leggy ladies in need. So in order to crack some of the trickiest codes of shopping, dressing, styling and trend-smashing when you're blessed with such height, I called upon London's leading lady: Marsha Campbell. The UK blogger has been extolling the virtues and breaking down the walls of what it means to be extra tall and love fashion.

You may think that since they're so tall, tall girls would have the world's wardrobe at their feet—after all, fashion week is chock-full of statuesque models, editors and influencers. But the truth is that there are just as many trials and tribulations when you're super tall and stylish, as there are when you're short or curvy or just not cut to the generic cloth that makes up the industry's rails and rails of clothes.

"Being tall means that it's not only about relying on what's on offer in stores, but it's about creating your own style and exploring fashion in a way that others may not take the chance," Marsha explained to me. But just how does she recommend you do it? For the most game-changing solutions to tall-fashion challenges, keep reading.