It Might Seem Narcissistic, But This Trick Changed My Approach to Personal Style

When I do a wardrobe clear out, it usually happens on a Sunday. I dramatically pull everything out of every cupboard and spend the next four hours trying to manage the mess rather than using it as a chance to properly assess the gaps in my wardrobe. I decided to do this year's spring-clean a little differently. A while ago, an influencer showed me a folder on her phone where she stored pictures of her outfits from every single day. These weren't the glossy outfit pictures you see on your Instagram feeds, but quick snapshots purely designed to keep a record of her outfits.

In 2018, my two aims were to spend less on Pret sandwiches and to try to vary my outfits every day (I am a big repeat wearer), so I decided to try her method for a week. Taking a picture of myself every day might sound like a pointless vanity project or an attempt to launch a career as an influencer. However, I made myself take a picture of my outfits to understand what I wear the most and feel comfortable in. When I got a Monzo card for the first time in my life, I knew exactly how much I was spending on toasties and black Americanos—as it breaks down what you spend each day by category. My outfit photo diary actually, much to my surprise, did a very similar thing.