The New Instagram Tool That'll Help You Dress Better

Have you ever stared at one of your Instagram shots, wishing it was just a little bit better? Well, now's your chance to actually make it the best it can be. As Elle pointed out, there's a new tool, developed by researchers at the University of Toronto, to improve your Instas, starting with your outfits.

So how does it work? The researchers used data from to cultivate stats on each user, including patterns between parts of the post (e.g., the outfit) and the interest generated (e.g., comments and likes). The researchers then used this data to code and create their algorithm, which will ultimately assess your photo and provide feedback, including outfit and filter recommendations. So genius. Want to learn more? Click here for info.

What do you think of this? Would you use this tool to take a better Instagram shot? Let us know in the comments below. And if you're on the hunt for a beautiful item to wear in your next snap, shop these gorgeous summer dresses.

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