3 Easy Ways to Make Every Day a Good Hair Day

If, like us, you didn't recently spend an entire  hungover Sunday afternoon binge watching the new season of Fleabag in its entirety then you might not have had quite the emotional reaction that we did to a scene that took place in a hair salon during episode five. In it, our eponymous lead character charges into the hairdressers believing that her sister has been given a disastrous hair cut that she didn't ask for. "Hair is everything," Phoebe Waller-Bridge proclaims. "We wish it wasn't so we could actually think about something else occasionally—but it is. It's the difference between a good day and a bad day." Hear, hear, Pheobe. Hear, hear.

Dramatic? Sure. But, for many of us, waking up with unexpectedly unruly strands or to find that our hair has turned from freshly washed to desperately greasy can turn a decent morning into a pretty bad one. Luckily though, we've recently discovered a new haircare brand that will help make every single day a good hair day—System Professional

Founded in 1974 by a group of Wella scientists, System Professional is a salon-standard haircare brand that delivers professional results in your own home. The secret to its success is the EnergyCode™ Complex—an innovative technology that restores the hair's natural balance and protects keratin so that your hair feels protected, healthier and stronger. Plus, to guarantee truly unique-to-you results, you can take a quiz to reveal your own EnergyCode™ of which there are more than 174 million combinations. Yes, this is truly personalised haircare for the modern age. 

Keep scrolling to discover 3 easy ways to make every day a good hair day.

1. Add a mask to your weekly routine to ehance your hair colour

We'd recommend that everyone add a hair mask to their weekly haircare routine but, for coloured hair, this is absolutely key. If your hair has been dyed or bleached then, chances are, it might be a little dry and damaged. By using a nourishing hair treatment you'll be helping to reduce breakage, feed the hair with strengthening ingredients, and prevent colour fading by keeping the hair shaft as healthy as possible.

System Professional's Color Save collection is specially formulated to repair and enhance colour-treated hair for lasting freshness. Taking into account the increased care needed for coloured hair, the mask is an intense weekly treatment that reduces colour fading with continued use.

After shampooing, apply this mask directly to your hair with a brush and leave for 5 minutes. It penetrates deep into the fibres of your hair to strengthen, reconstruct and prevent colour fading.

After masking, give this spray a good shake and spray evenly through your hair. Comb through and let the innovative bi-phase formula soften and smooth your hair and protect strands from free radical damage.

Once hair is towel-dried after washing, comb this leave-in treatment through to restore luminosity and shine from root to tip.

2. Use a UV product to protect hair during summer

Yes, it's not just your skin that can benefit from a little UV protection—your hair can too. Over exposure to UVA and UVB rays during summer can lead to your hair becoming dry and brittle and your scalp feeling sensitive. Plus, if you're lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere nice this summer, then the combination of sun, salt and chlorine can play havoc with the condition of your hair.

System Professional's Solar collection has been formulated to protect your hair from damage caused by sun exposure, with in-built UV protection (yep, like a sunscreen for your hair) and restorative ingredients to help repair existing damage and prevent future breakage.

Mist this over your hair before heading out in the sun to create a protective veil over your strands. It reduces the effects of UV radiation while defending against colour fading and loss of moisture for happy, healthy hair.

If your hair is frazzled from the summer heat, then a few pumps of this oil could make all of the difference. It combines UV filters with a blend of oils and keratin to smooth and soften hair after a day in the sunshine and protect hair while you're out soaking up those rays.


Keep your hair feeling healthy by cleansing away all traces of sunscreen, salt and chlorine with this gently shampoo. It contains a HelioRestore Complex which hydrates dry strands and adds shine. 

3. Get a bespoke haircare routine

The fastest way to make every day a good hair day is to make sure that you're using the right products for your specific hair needs. As we mentioned earlier, with System Professional you can take an online quiz (it takes less than a minute) to reveal the exact products that are right for you. Who What Wear's Beauty Editor, Mica Ricketts did it a few weeks ago and was recommended a three step routine which she's been putting to the test. 

For reference, her scalp leans on the sensitive side and her main hair concerns are dryness and damage. Mica's hair isn't hugely thick in texture but its naturally wavy and prone to breakage. "I have to say, since using my new routine I have been greatly impressed with the improvement in the texture of my hair," she says. "It feels more hydrated, responds to styling a whole lot better and is way less prone to frizz."

No surprise that Mica was recommended this lightweight shampoo, designed to cleanse and detangle curly and unruly hair. She found that, after using this, her hair feels so much softer and smoother—even before she's applied her usual styling products.

At the moment, Mica is also using this deeply nourishing hair mask once a week to help improve the manageability of dry strands. "It is so detangling—honestly, my brush just glides straight through my hair after using this—and it's amazing at boosting shine. Anyone with chemically treated hair would really benefit from this fortifying formula."

On the days that she's not using a mask, Mica has been using this recommended moisturising conditioner. Although it's not as intense as the hair mask, it contains Pro Vitamin B5 and an Active Moisture Complex to restore moisture and improve hair flexibility: "I've definitely seen less hair breakage when brushing through my damp hair which I'm putting down to this."

So there you have it. Remember to take the Energy Code™ quiz for yourself and let us know how you get on…

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