The Key Swimwear for Summer Will Make You Want to Wear the Rainbow

If you’ve got a holiday on the cards, chances are you’re in full swing searching for the best swimsuits. With so many trends to get to grips with⁠, from triangle string bikini tops to belted swimsuits and cut-outs, it can be a lot to get your head around. And then you have to find the swimwear brands that actually fit and flatter your shape. One thing’s for sure, though: No matter which style you go for, it’s all about bright, bold and joyful colours this year. Think every colour of the rainbow in block colours or prints, and you’ve nailed it.

Some colours are of course proving to be more popular than others. But with influencer Emili Sindlev backing ocean blue, Karina Marriott going for soft lilac and stylist Nana Acheampong opting for a sartorial hit of vitamin D with bright yellow, there's something to suit everyone. Below, we’ve decoded the five key colours that will be taking over your swimwear collection for spring/summer 2022. Keep scrolling to see and shop.

1. Ocean Blue

Emili wearing blue swimsuit



2. Sunny Yellow

Nana wearing yellow bikini



Halterneck bikinis and one-pieces are key this season. 

3. Parma Violet

This glittery one-piece could be worn as a top, too. 

4. Grass Green

How gorgeous is the shape of this bikini top?

5. Baywatch Red

This cherry-print bikini is a sure-fire winner.

Just add an oversized linen shirt and sliders. 

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