5 New Swimsuit Trends That Work for Every Body Type

Heads up everyone—there are a few new swimsuit trends on the horizon that are making us crave summer more than any other year before. Now, we are well aware that swimsuits are not a one-style-pleases-all sort of arrangement, and as we present the five new swimsuit styles we're most excited for this season, we tried to keep that in mind. Your bikinis and one-pieces are a very personal choice, as what feels good on you might not appear in the same way for someone else, and no one except for you can decipher that.

So instead of categorising what you should buy according to your body by "shape" (whatever that means), we decided to break down the five new swimsuit trends ahead according to the part of your body you love the most. No matter what your shape or size, you know there are certain parts you love more than others, and today, we are here to help you shop according to that aspect of your body type. 

Below, read up on the five swimsuit trends that can be adapted to suit each and every focus area you'd like to highlight.

If you love your shoulders/arms: If accentuating your arms and shoulders is your goal, opt for either strapless, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, or halter styles. Each of those silhouettes will draw all the attention to your upper body and really highlight one of your favourite features.

If you love your legs: High cuts, either on bikini bottoms or one-pieces, immediately extend the length of your natural leg line. If you want to show off your stunning limbs, why cut off the line of your leg when you can extend it? This '80s-style suit will do just that.

If you love your waist: The best way to show off your waist, you ask? Belted swimwear is one of our must-try swimsuit trends generally speaking, but for those of you who love your mid-section, it's even more desirable. High-rise bottoms are also brilliant at drawing attention towards your midsection.

If you love your fuller chest: One of the easiest ways to make the most your chest is by way of an underwire top in styles ranging from triangle to a more bra-inspired demi-cup. Also halter tops! Underwire styles also create a more supportive lift, meaning you can walk around confidently knowing everything is going to stay in its place.

1. Cut It Out

Best swimsuits for body type



Cutouts are the #1 swimsuit (and clothing) trend to own this year, and luckily, it's one that will get you in that sweet summer mood in no time at all. 

2. Shimmer and Shine

Best Swimsuits for body types



When it comes to swimwear this season, the more shimmer and shine, the better. Be it sequins or metallics, this is one trend that was meant to be shown off in the sun. 

3. From the Bedroom to the Beach

The sartorial gods have spoken: lingerie-inspired silhouettes are officially here to stay. Last summer, we saw underwire bikinis dominate the scene, and clearly, the suits this time around will only do further with this theme, including everything from corset-style boning to lots of the aforementioned underwire.

This year, swimwear is getting all kinds of fancy. Almost so much so that you could certainly get away with wearing it beyond just the beach. From pretty puff sleeves to dramatic ruffles, formal swimwear is the unnecessary but cute summer trend we didn't know we needed. 

5. Retro Rewind

Best Swimsuits for body types



Retro styles, ranging more on the modest side of the spectrum, are flooding the swimwear space this year. From wallpaper-inspired florals to prim and proper gingham, this trend feels oddly refreshing amongst the last few years of thong bikinis. 

Next up, the swimwear trend that looks good on absolutely everyone.

This post was previously published on Who What Wear US and has since been updated.