How To Find Your Best-Fitting Swimsuit Ever

We don’t feel we’re speaking out of turn when we say that trying to find a swimsuit we actually think we look good in is of the most trying shopping experiences a woman can have. (That, and finding a well-fitting bra.) For even the most fit and confident among us, it can bring up any number of misgivings we have about our bodies: everything feels like it’s on display, from head to toe, and there’s not a lot of room left for error.

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, who has proven time and time again she has no qualms about posting a good swimsuit selfie, you probably wouldn’t shy away from a little bit of help in the swimsuit area. While many women might think that simply covering up is the way to go—after all, one-piece bodysuits are absolutely having a moment right now!—there are actually a number of ways you can make your swimsuit work for you.

Scroll down for five fantastic tips on finding your best-fitting swimsuit ever!