These "Bum Sculpting" Leggings Are So Good They Are in All the Business Pages

Sweaty Betty's Zero-Gravity leggings might be pricey at £95, however, they are proving to be a game-changing product. Sweaty Betty has just reported a 16% jump in sales since December 2016, and the brand has noted that the leggings have been a key part of the success story. So what exactly are Zero-Gravity leggings?

It's all about bum-sculpting, as Sweaty Betty's website explains it has worked on the butt-lifting technology for 20 years. These leggings are lightweight, quick drying and have mesh panels in the back of the legs—and they are available in cropped and full-length styles and plenty of prints. Keep scrolling to shop Sweaty Betty's Zero-Gravity leggings.

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