15 Sweatpant Outfits That You Can Wear All Through Summer

With the rise of athleisure, only wearing sweatpants at home—or for quick errands when we don't want to run into anyone we know—are things of the distant past. This trend has rapidly gone from faux pas to full-on fashion statement, and we are 100% on board.

Now we're no longer fooled by their slouchy style because with designers putting their own twists on the laid-back sweatpant, they look more and more appealing with each passing season. And though we have a soft spot for them when paired with fall staples like hoodies and puffer jackets, this love affair with sweatpants can translate itself effortlessly into summer if styled correctly.

Not sure how to make the trend your own and avoid overheating? We've gathered 15 looks that show you how to wear sweatpants all the way through summer.

White sweatpants are great for a quick farmers market run.

An off-the-shoulder sweatpant jumpsuit will definitely take comfort to a whole new level.

Oversize sweatpants look best with a simple white crop top.

Switch it up with a pair of loose leather sweatpants. Yes, they're just as comfortable.

Match your kicks to your sweatpants for optimal effortlessness.

You are guaranteed to be comfortable (and chic) at brunch with this bold number.

Summer showers won't have anything on you with this sweatpant-and-raincoat combo.

When in doubt, sweatpants are always a good option for a long flight.

Make sweatpants a part of your rooftop party ensembles.

Amp up your look with a pair of snakeskin booties.

Opt for crop tops to balance comfort and breathability.

Bucket hats are worth a try if you want to fully channel the '90s.

A white tee goes well with everything.

Elevate your sweatpant game by choosing ones that aren't made out of cotton.

Style them with a pair of heels and a denim jacket and you're good to go.

BRB, taking our sweatpants out of storage.