A Laundry Service For Your Closet Now Exists

Ladies, listen up! The manic days of hotfooting it to the dry cleaners to be met with wishy-washy service (and Cher’s legendary mystery of the missing collarless shirt from Fred Segal!) are over. Because now, we have Swashthe clothing care system will dewrinkle, refresh, restore, and preserve your wares in just 10 minutes at the push of a button. And the best part? It fits in your closet! So we say skip the dry cleaning bills, and invest in this great find for only $499 at Bloomingdales. BUY IT NOW!

For a quick demo, watch the video here

Scroll down below for a first look at Swash! 

Cashmere? Embellished collars? No problem.

Clean and compact!

Make sure to stock up on Swash Pods. Each pod contains a superfine mist formula that’s sprayed onto your clothes. 

Shop Swash online at Bloomingdales today!