Trust Me—Suzanna Gembege Will Be 2019's Breakout Street Style Star

Despite hundreds of millions of #OOTD posts on Instagram, unique personal style is still a rare thing to come by and homogeny can start to make even the most enthusiastic fashion lover experience scrolling fatigue once in a while. That's why I'm always keen for the Who What Wear team to bring you the people, brands, items and styling ideas that feel like a breath of fresh air. One woman I'm excited to see more of in 2019—and I have a strong feeling that you will once more street style photographers cotton onto the fact that she's attending the shows—is Suzanna Gembege

This darling Finnish fashion stylist and editor is poised to be my 2019 inspiration for many reasons, which I'll explain to you here. 1. She's adept at combining new and old pieces, proving yet again that individuality can often be best achieved when you throw vintage into the equation—a fundamental lesson none of us should ignore. 2. She's not afraid of colour, volume, mad accessories or wearing the unexpected, and yet her ensembles feel approachable, delicate and potentially viable to emulate. 3. She often styles Jared Leto, and we all know he is now the best dressed man on the planet. 4. As a former model she has the grace and stature to pull off almost anything and still look completely perfect in a street style shot—meaning she'll be an excellent subject during those mad fashion month moments where a photographer has to wrestle through crowds and get "the shot" in about 12 seconds. 5. She makes me think Finland might be the next country to establish itself as a fashion player, in the same way Denmark and Sweden have over the past few seasons. And a new source or new vision is always welcome. 

We caught up with Suzanna to find out more about her style, so you'll be fully versed in her look too. Keep scrolling to see some of her recent outfits and our exclusive interview.