4 Little-Known Trainer Brands That Have a Sustainable Standpoint

Sustainable trainers aren’t exactly new. Over the past few years, Veja sneakers have gained mass appeal, with the likes of Meghan Markle and Emma Watson wearing the brand, not to mention countless fashion editors and Instagram influencers. But for those of us who are mindful about sustainable fashion—understanding how an item is made from start to finish is key—and fans of sneakers, it’s good to know that more sustainable trainer brands popping up all the time.

As a big sneaker fan myself, while I love Vejas, I also like to know there are other footwear brands that can deliver a great-looking pair of shoes but that also stick to principles around reducing the negative impact on the environment and human life. Right now, there are four brands that I have on my radar. Ready to see which ones I rate? Keep scrolling to find out.


If you’re a fan of basic high tops and old-school basketball shoes, then this brand is for you. The British brand was founded in 2016 and used recycled rubber soles and organic cotton. It stays committed to ensuring that its carbon footprint remains as low as possible and uses fewer processes to make its products, not to mention the brand is keen to care for the people who make its shoes too. Another lovely point about Good News is that it donates deadstock to homeless people and refugees in need. 


Scandi label Tretorn makes raincoats as well, but it's the retro tennis sneakers that have caught my eye. The trainers are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. 


This brand has been on my radar for a while after I spotted a few people on Instagram wearing the sneaker. While they’re pretty “basic”, that’s why I think they’re so great—you can wear them with anything. The brand uses natural rubber and organic cotton. 


Stella McCartney isn’t a new brand, but you might not realise that the British designer also creates great sneakers. The silhouettes are all on the chunky side to satisfy those lovers of “ugly” sneakers, and the brand uses innovative processes and sustainable materials, including organic cotton as well as faux leather and suede to make them.

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