19 Conscious Gifts You Can Feel Good About Giving This Christmas

In today's world, sustainability has become increasingly important. We'll happily admit no one is perfect (I, for one, forgot my reusable tote bag at the supermarket this week), but there’s definitely a sense that we are all trying to educate ourselves on the issues at hand in order to reduce our impacts. With Christmas on its way, this year we’re feeling more inclined than ever to give consciously in an attempt to alleviate the stigma that Christmas can be a wasteful holiday.

Whether that means consulting your loved ones to ensure you’re purchasing items they really need and love or deciding upon a sustainable option, opting for a mindful gift this year will give an entirely new meaning to the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts.” 

With this in mind, we’ve found 19 items that make ideal conscious Christmas gifts, from reusable homeware products that will help reduce the dependence on single-use plastics to clothing and accessories created by sustainably focused brands. 

Of course, there are several elements that go into determining whether a product is sustainable or not, spanning the item's entire production line and distribution. While there are likely thousands of brands globally who are making the effort to produce more sustainably, here we've outlined a few homewares items which can help reduce plastic consumption and a few wearable items that utilise recycled materials and new innovative technologies.

Keep scrolling for homewares, clothing and accessories that will make your Christmas gifting a little more conscious this year, and who knows, you might just find something for yourself too. 

With the ability to keep drinks chilled for up to 24 hours, this BPA-free stainless steel water bottle is the ideal desk companion. 

Valuing sustainability, this Mashu bag was created using Pinatex—a leather alternative which transforms cellulose fibres extracted from pineapple leaves into fabric. What's more, its interior was made from recycled polyester, and its handle has come from repurposed wood. 

Good for the environment, and they won't start disintegrating after a few sips like the paper ones do. 

Believe it or not, this sweatshirt was once 32 individual plastic bottles. Everlane used 100% recycled polyester to create this and aims to replace all synthetic materials with renewed materials by 2021. 

If this chic glass jar and spoon set doesn't incentivise your friends to meal prep, we don't know what will. 

Made from Bamboo, gift this Cookut cutlery set to your co-workers to help reduce your need for plastic knives and forks in the office. 

Refill this with your favourite coffee order time and time again, while reducing your need to use single-use coffee cups. 

As the perfect alternative to cling film or aluminium foil, this reusable bag will keep food fresh. 

Help your friends and family avoid the chance of a ruined tote bag with this leak-proof stainless steel lunch box. 

Sustainable and stylish, Frank Green allows you to customise your own cup with a range of colours and sizes. 

Talk about an evening bag with a difference. Roop handbags are handmade in the UK and are only created using deadstock, remnant or vintage fabrics. 

While you wouldn't know to look at it, the outer of this coat is made from 100% Econyl—a fabric created using regenerated fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. 

E.L.V Denim prides itself on giving new life to jeans which would otherwise be destined for landfill. And better still, each pair is made responsibly right here in London. 

Made from 100% recycled leather with a recycled polyester lining, this crossbody by Been London is as practical as it is eco-friendly. 

Handmade in London, this ring was created using recycled silver sourced within the UK. 

While its outer may not be recycled, Arket is proving that it's what on the inside that counts by using 100% recycled down and feathers to fill this puffer.

An ideal gift for those seeking winter sun, this swimsuit is made from 78% Econyl (the same fabric used in the above Burberry coat) which is created from recycled fishing nets and fabric scraps. 

Very popular amongst the fashion set, Veja is regularly touted as one of the most sustainable sneaker brands in the industry. 

According to Reformation's website, "being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2." The brand has been focused on sustainability since it's launch in 2009, and this product, in particular, was created using 100% recycled cotton 

Next up, see more sustainable brands we love. 

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