3 Surprising Items You’ll Wear Again and Again

You probably don’t think of a sequin skirt as a wardrobe mainstay, right? How about pinstripe pants or a motorcycle vest? We can see how these items may not be ascribed the same staple status as a denim jacket or a pair of black pumps, but hear us out: they can actually be worn a multitude of ways, and deserve a coveted spot in your closet. Don’t believe us?

Just scroll down for the (particularly stylish) proof.

1. Sequin Skirt


Ring My Bell

Think a sparkling skirt is only appropriate for New Year’s Eve? We beg to differ. The festive piece works from day to night, year-round. Pair it with a graphic tee and sneakers for running around and with a silk camisole and pumps for an evening event

2. Moto Vest


Athens Street Style

The motorcycle vest may be our favourite layering piece. It looks just as cool layered over a dress for summer as it does worn with a button-down shirt underneath and coat on top for fall.

Andrew Marc Vienna Vest ($173)

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3. Pinstripe Pants


Getty Images

You may think striped pants are business only, but while they are an excellent option for the office, we love how they add a dash of sophistication to a casual outfit. Plus, the narrow stripes add more visual interest to your look than plain trousers would.



Freda Zoe Wool Tailored Trousers ($126)

What unexpected piece do you get a lot of mileage from? Let us know in the comments below!