I Never Thought I'd Say This, But I'm Into This Whole Surf Trend

As a London resident, I've never really thought I could carry off dressing like a surfer. Wearing tie-dye has always felt as awkward as using the word "gnarly" with a British accent. It's something to be left for gap-year backpackers and people who can navigate more than a foam board. However, numerous major fashion houses took their inspiration from California surf culture this summer, however, with trippy tie-dye, strings of pukka shell necklaces, bucket hats and Hawaiian shirts. Chanel even created beach ball handbags and endorsed cycling shorts.

Surfer fashion trend: Chanel beach ball



But as with many trends, the more you see them, the more you become convinced—and this is the case with me and surfer clothes. I'm now finding myself wanting a tie-dye T-shirt, Velcro rock-friendly sandals and a leopard-print bucket hat. I've even been looking at Hawaiian shirts in a totally different way.

You can't always which catwalk trends will translate into actual sales and impact how people dress. In fact, cycling shorts haven't really taken off outside of the street style circuit, but high-street shoppers have embraced tie-dye and Velcro sandals. Instagram is flooded with lots of inspiration for how to dress like a surfer as an adult, making this trend a little easier to navigate.

Keep scrolling to see the five surfer trends I'm surprised I'm into this summer.

1. Tie-Dye

Surfer fashion trend: Tie Dye shirt


Lucy Williams

Tie-dye has been trickling into the new-in sections of all of my favourite stores. I love Rhode's midi dress, Topshop's tie-dye scrunchies and the T-shirts at & Other Stories.

2. Shell Jewellery

Surfer fashion trend: shell jewellery



Shell jewellery has been trending for over a year now and is still going strong. For a more refined look, opt for fish or conch jewellery.

Surfer fashion trend: bucket hats


Lisa Aiken

Yes, 2019 has become the year of the bucket hat, with approval from all aspects of the fashion industry. Faithfull is my favourite brand for playful prints and colours. This is a fun way to do SPF dressing. 

4. Velcro Sandals

Surfer fashion trend: velcro sandals


Lucy Williams

Velcro sandals have exploded in popularity this year. We have Prada to thank for this one thanks to its £420 logo-emblazoned spongey sandals.

5. Surfer Shirts

Surfer fashion trend: Dad shirts



Shirts were once saved for stag dos, however, men's printed shirts have been adopted by the fashion crowd. Gold lamé shockers aside, we're rather into the brash, short-sleeved tropical-printed shirts that are all over Topman right now.

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