Margot Robbie and VB Are Obsessed With This Japanese Beauty Brand

Even if you don't think you're massively clued up on Korean beauty, chances are that you will have stumbled across some K-beauty products at some point. Since breaking onto the UK beauty scene a few years ago, Korean skincare and makeup brands have become a firm fixture in many of our daily regimens. From multi-step skin regimens and skin essences to glass-like, glowing complexions and novelty sheet face masks, Korean beauty has truly redefined the ways that we approach beauty.

But 2020 is set to be the year we embrace all things J-beauty. Yes, that’s Japanese beauty. While there’s been talk for a while that Japanese beauty brands are set to make waves in the UK, it seems as though 2020 could officially be the year we make the switch. Personally, I’ve been a huge fan of Japanese brands that focus on more holistic and low-key skincare regimens, like Shiseido, for years, but only recently have I started trying less well-known J-Beauty products—most notably Suqqu.

Suqqu: Miranda Kerr is a fan



You may not have heard of Suqqu before, but trust me when I say it’s worth knowing about. Famously, Japanese brands are known for championing high-tech ingredients and combining them with a more holistic, natural and ritualistic approach to beauty, and Suqqu is no different. With products across both makeup and skincare, Suqqu bases itself on the principles of inner composure, serenity and wellbeing – meaning it’s a real winner if you love the look of lit-from-within skin.

And it seems I’ve got some serious company as a big Suqqu fan. After I tried my first product, I was so blown away that I decided to do a little research. Frankly, I was shocked I hadn’t heard it before. From Margot Robbie to Victoria Beckham, it turns out Suqqu has some big-name fans. And, no, I’m not talking ‘used-it-once-and-thought-it-was-ok’ fans. Some of my favourite celebs swear by Suqqu products for their everyday regimes.

Sound like something you could get on board with? Keep scrolling to discover the exact Suqqu products that celebrities and makeup artists swear by.

Victoria Beckham Loves Suqqu Face Stretch Mask
Suqqu: Victoria Beckham Loves Face Stretch Mask



It’s no surprise that jet lag can wreak havoc with skin, and it’s actually quite comforting to know that not even VB can overcome its woes. To add some life back into tired, jet-lagged skin, Victoria Beckham revealed on Instagram stories that she swears by this sheet mask. She uploaded a photo of the mask with the caption: “Amazing stretch face mask! When u have been up since 4am with jet lag [sic]”.

Sure, they might seem a little expensive, but you do get some serious bang for your buck with each mask containing a whopping 33 millilitres of serum. The super-hydrating formula works to deliver an intensive moisturising treatment that aims to lift, firm and improve suppleness.

Margot Robbie Loves Suqqu Nude Wear Liquid Foundation and Radiant Cream Concealer
Suqqu: Margot Robbie loves Nude Wear Liquid Foundation and Radiant Cream Concealer



Ever wondered exactly what Margot Robbie uses to ace that flawless base? Well, it turns out that if she’s heading to the red carpet, the chances are she’s wearing Suqqu. Talking to Vogue, she revealed: “If I go to events I use Suqqu Foundation. It looks like skin, but it doesn’t budge. I haven’t found another foundation that stays on like that without looking heavy.”

Her regular makeup artist, Pati Dubroff, has also proclaimed her love for the foundation telling Glamour, “I’ll mix multiple shades of foundation, and multiple textures, so the skin looks like skin. I love the Suqqu liquid foundation.”

It turns out it’s not just the Suqqu foundation that Margot loves, either. Talking to Byrdie, she revealed: “Suqqu I’m using a lot at the moment. You know that brand? It’s like S-U-Q-Q-U. It’s a Japanese brand. Their concealer is really good.”

Lisa Eldridge Loves Suqqu Brushes
Suqqu: Lisa Eldridge loves Suqqu Brushes



She's painted the faces of Alexa Chung, Emma Roberts, Dua Lipa and Victoria Beckham (to name just a handful) and is considered one of the biggest makeup artists around. That's right, even Lisa Eldridge is a fan of Suqqu.

Despite the fact she regularly features Suqqu products on her website, when asked what the most luxury beauty product she owns is, Lisa told Refinery29, "My vast collection of Suqqu Cheek Brushes, the only blusher brush I use so I have quite a few in my kit (often on jobs I’m working with lots of different models at the same time.) They’re expensive, but so soft, like a kitten’s paw! And the perfect shape, nicely tapered and not too big. I use it for buildable blush, highlight, powder and bronzer application."

Miranda Kerr Loves Suqqu Extra Rich Cream Foundation
Suqqu: Miranda Kerr loves Extra Rich Cream Foundation



If you have ever found yourself wondering what makeup supermodels use, wonder no more. Miranda Kerr is supposedly a huge fan of this creamy foundation. In fact, she's such a big fan that she even used it on her wedding. Writing on Kora Organics blog, Miranda revealed: "I started with Suqqu Extra Rich Cream Foundation—it's from Japan and the effect is so delicate it makes the skin look pure and radiant like baby skin."

Jodie Kidd loves Suqqu Multi Skin Protector SPF 50
Suqqu: Jodie Kidd loves Multi Skin Protector SPF 50



Rain or shine, using a high-factor SPF on your face every day is absolutely essential if you want to protect your skin from premature ageing and damage. However, finding a comfortable formula can be tricky. Reported by Look, Jodie Kidd loves this protection saying, "My must have product for travelling to hot climates is the SUQQU factor 50 face protector as it has an incredibly light feel and is super absorbent meaning you get high protection without feeling like you are wearing a heavy sunscreen. It’s the only sunscreen I use now."

Makeup Artist Kelsey Deenihan Loves Suqqu Light Solution Essence
Suqqu: Makeup Artist Kelsey Deenihan loves Light Solution Essence



Known for beautifying the likes of Jodie Comer, Lucy Hale and Millie Bobbie Brown, celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan is known to swear by this skin essence for hydrated skin. Writing on her Instagram, she revealed, "In no means is this an ad, just an obsession I can’t keep to myself! @suqqu_official @suqqu_uk_official has taken my skin from [cactus emoji] to [waves emoji]. The Light Solution Essence, Lotion, and Fluid combination is intensely moisturizing and my new best friend. Oh, and smells so clean and fresh. If you have crazy dry skin like myself, get on it!"

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