Now Trending: The Super-Size Scarf

The fashion world operates on a series of chain reactions where one trend makes way for another, often oscillating between binary opposites. Case in point? Skinny scarves have been the must-have accessory du jour, but as winter creeps up on our wardrobes, the breaking trend is to go to new extremes and swap a slinky style for a super-size scarf. The longer the better, the thicker all the more impact it'll have on the outfit and the more epic its proportion are, the more likely street style cameras are to click!

While it's still early in the chilly season to really expect to see Lenny Kravitz–style blanket scarves (three years later and no-one has outdone him, yet), we have seen some early adopters on the fashion circuit. Mark our words, come December the stylish elite will be wrapping up like storm troopers in cashmere and silk-wool blend scarves because more is officially more.

Scroll down to see the early adopters of this emerging trend and shop our favourite oversize scarves!


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