Summer Workout Clothes That Won't Make You a Sweaty Hot Mess

If your workout gear is on a constant rotation of go-to leggings and some sort of standard T-shirt, there is no better time to upgrade (just like with your summer wardrobe). As the nights get lighter and you amp up your workouts (or at least tell yourself you will), there is no excuse for wearing the kind of workout pieces that work well in colder weather but turn into a full-body sauna in the heat or a threadbare gym kit.

Last season, we gave you the tools to upgrade your winter workout kit, and now, we’ve searched around to find you the gear that will help you get the most of your summertime workouts.

Best Summer Workout Clothes



From the best fitness trainers that can keep you feeling breezy to the shorts that may well replace those running tights, here are the 10 items you need for your summer workout.

Can’t bear the thought of wearing shorts during your workout? Don’t worry—ASOS’s breathable leggings are the perfect option to cover up whilst avoiding back-of-the-knee sweat. They consist of a high-rise fit, mesh panels from the lower thigh downwards and sweat-wicking fabric.

Regardless of the season, staying hydrated is key throughout any workout. The media has spotlighted the impact of disposable water bottles, making it no better time to invest in a reusable one. This Reebok style has a screw on lid that doubles up as a handle, making it easy to carry or attach to your fitness bag.

Nicknamed the anti-stink tank, this top created for high-intensity runs and workouts combine a racerback with strategically placed mesh ventilation and a seamless construction to avoid painful chaffing.

Sock-like trainers don’t feel like the best option for winter runs, but in the summer months, we’re happy to shop anything to enhance our outside runs. Nike’s Flyknit technology combines support, flexibility and durability. Those new season designs are super chic, too.

Dare we say it: The weather is finally warmer, so switch out your fleece for something lighter. Long-sleeved tops are a great alternative to winter jackets for an evening or early-morning run. This one from ASOS 4505 combines breathable mesh sleeves with antibacterial properties.

Over-ear headphones are the perfect workout partner for colder months, acting as ear warmers whilst pumping out your go-to tracks. Sadly, sweaty ears are not something we’re willing to contend with now its summer. Instead, invest in wireless headphones with equally as good sound. This Sony pair is sweat resistant, has a voice assistant and a hands-free call option too.

Buying a new sports bar is a perennial purchase each season, and there’s no better option than Lululemon’s speed up bra. It’s made with Luxtreme fabric that is sweat-wicking, provides a four-way stretch and engineered not to shrink in those accidental washes. There’s also built-in mesh to provide ventilation and an uncanny level of support.

British brand LNDR has created the perfect shorts for people who aren’t totally sold on shorts. The legging/short hybrid has enough coverage to conceal the bits you would like to remain unseen, whilst allowing breathability mid-thigh downwards. The inner layer combines a technical stretch fabric, offering muscle control and shape retention.

Backpacks mean sweaty backs. If leaving the house without keys and your mobile phone isn’t an option, swap your carryall for something a little more lightweight.

I think we can all agree that there are few things more frustrating than sports socks that continually slip off during your run. Going sock-less, no matter how breathable your trainers are, just isn’t an option. Stance’s grip technology is the solution to sloppy socks and has quickly become a fitness favourite within the fashion industry. The designs are pretty great too.

No excuses then… Now you have everything you need to get your summer workout on.

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