5 Summer Trend Updates You Haven't Thought of Yet

Creative consultant, stylist and all-round cool girl Kate Foley has long been on our list of go-to women for fashion advice. She’s a Brit residing in New York, and therefore she has a transatlantic viewpoint on fashion, name-checking the coolest global fashion finds first and always assembling her outfits in a way that ticks both the glossy box for The Big Apple, but also nods towards London’s eclecticism. Then we found out she had an equally well-dressed sister and, boom, our minds were blown. How can so many good strands of sartorial DNA be in one family?


Club Monaco

On Kate Foley: Club Monaco Plumina Off-The-Shoulder Top (£164) and Plumina Plaid Skirt (£252).

On Lucy Foley: Club Monaco Rousha Eyelet Top (£187) and Valencia Seersucker Skirt (£164).

Lucy Foley is an author who has just released her latest book, The Invitation, and together they make for a pretty powerful fashion duo. Which is why the clever clogs over at Club Monaco snapped the siblings up for their summer arrivals shoot and provided us with a very good excuse to chat about style at this time of year. As these two are strides ahead, we decided to investigate the unexpected hot-weather trends they’ll be trying out for the season—and how they’ll mix up the ol’ classics.


Club Monaco

On Kate Foley (left): Club Monaco Sandinh Eyelet Top (£434), Bolari Silk Scarf (£65) and Frenchie High-Waisted Pants (£197).

On Lucy Foley (right): Club Monaco Ahlam Ruffle Tie Top (£175) and Orabella Pant (£175).

Keep reading to see the next level of styling expertise you can employ for a very fashionable summer, then shop from the key pieces to get going.

I love a Breton top, but this time round I’m pleased to see a variety of stripes of all shapes and sizes coming to the fore. And when these are combined with the new shapes—cropped tops, wide legs, jumpsuits, big sleeves—nautical-inspired style takes on a modern twist,” says Lucy. “I’d add mules to give these pieces a further update.”

“These sleeves are cool and elegant and give you a nice amount of coverage on your arms if you feel less than comfortable showing them off,” says Kate. “I think you just have to use your best judgment—a bit of an exaggerated ruffle or puff sleeve is great, but it has to be in the right fabric and you probably want to stay away from anything that looks ’80s!”

“Bows are a trend you will have considered, but perhaps it's a scary thought for people who want to avoid looking too pretty, but as I said before—it's all about balance! Wear bows with something more masculine and tough, and you're all good,” advises Kate. “I have a pair of camo cut-off knee-length vintage shorts which I wear with gold kitten heels that have bows on the front!”

“There’s a great deal of whimsy around at the moment, which I love, but this trend is a refreshing foil to all that, and can work beautifully in conjunction with it. Opposites attract, in fashion as in life,” says Lucy. “I’d bring the look up to date by pairing tailored jackets with the new trouser shapes: culottes and cropped flares are best worn with this season’s most romantic blouses for a nice contrast.”

This trend is flattering for my body type (long torso, shorter legs!), and it balances out my proportions,” explains Kate. “I’d balance these feminine, more vintage-feeling styles with more modern accessories, a platform or wedge shoe, and some interesting slightly wacky earrings perhaps.”

So it’s really all in the way you approach these crop tops and high-waisted trousers or shorts. “Keep the hair messy and wear simple leather slides to stop it feeling too whole-look retro,” says Lucy.

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