24 Pretty Tops I'm Eyeing for Summer

Dressing for summer and dressing for a holiday are two very different things, something I've become more acutely aware of over the last couple of years having not stepped foot on a plane to jet off somewhere exotic. Instead, many of us found ourselves embarking on beautiful staycations across the country for our summer vacays. Still, anyone who lives in Britain knows that the weather can change in a heartbeat, and temperatures don't quite reach the sort of highs that call for sarongs and swimwear. So when we talk about dressing for a summer mainly spent outdoors on Blighty, we need to be realistic when planning our outfits. Handily, there's one classic pairing that always works.  

Broderie tops always look so pretty. 

Jeans will still play an integral part in our summer wardrobes (especially if you live north of the border like I do). And we all know the staple that goes best with a pair of jeans is a pretty top. So with summer on the fast approach, I've taken it upon myself to find the very best summer tops for women, making for an easy accompaniment to jeans. 

Summer Tops for Women: @lenafarl



Can you believe Léna made this top herself? Where do I order? 

Simple to master, jeans and a nice top is a look that works for just about every summer outing, be it a picnic in the park, sipping on a cold one in your local beer garden with friends, or dining at a low-key restaurant. And right now, there's an influx of feel-good, statement, and downright beautiful summer tops to choose from. 

Summer Tops for Women: @millakuoksa



Cool prints in clashing colours scream “summer”. 

Whether you're a minimalist looking for an exciting take on the tank top or a maximalist whose motto is "more is more," scroll below to see my pick of the prettiest summer tops for women. 


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