What to Keep Out and What to Put Away for Autumn

Now that autumn is finally here, we thought it would be a fitting time to make sure our wardrobes are ready for the coming change, both in temperature and day-to-day style. After all, it’s no surprise that some pieces carry over seamlessly from season to season, while others you can afford to put away until the mercury rises again. And, though we will dearly miss the days of off-the-shoulder tops and denim shorts, we’re undeniably excited to bring some of our favourite autumn-appropriate pieces back into rotation, as well as invest in some new, trend-driven ones.

Scroll through for the pieces that can make their way to the back of your wardrobe for now and to see (and shop) the ones to take their places.

Unlike denim shorts, a denim miniskirt can be made to feel fall-ready by simply pairing it with a sweater, ankle boots, coats, tights, and more. 

While as comfortable as sandals, sneakers have more of an all-weather quality both in functionality and look. In other words, you can wear them year-round! 


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

While most of us are already guilty of prematurely wearing autumn's biggest trend in summer, we see no signs of it slowing down. So break out the velvet everything. 

Though we enjoyed our straw bags all through spring and summer, there's no denying that they scream warm weather. Meanwhile, structured bags are perfect for adding polish to an autumn look, which, if you're us, usually consists of a sweater and jeans.

Flowing, boho dresses are not only part of a major autumn trend but are extremely versatile too. Meaning that even if you wore one with sandals all summer, you can reinvent it easily with updated accessories and outerwear.

Whether you invest in one of autumn's freshest silhouettes or simply style your jacket to appear as so, an off-the-shoulder jacket has as much appeal as an off-the-shoulder top, without the summery feel. 


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