These 9 Summer Skirts Are So Good They Might Tempt You Away From Dresses

You might think that summer is the season of the dress, but we're seeing more and more fashion types forgoing the all-in-one outfit solution in favor of separates, namely skirts. Skirts, you see, are a bit of a novelty right now. While leggings and joggers may have dominated your outfits for the past while, chances are you managed to sneak in wearing a dress or two over that period. After all, choose the right style, and it's almost as (if not more) comfortable than your comfies. 

It seems, however, that skirts didn't hold the same appeal during the course of the pandemic. They require slightly more thought when it comes to styling and don't have the same throw-on ease as dresses do. Now, though, with restrictions out of the way and with a newfound appreciation for the joy of dressing up, fashion insiders are rediscovering their love of skirts, and we are, too, right along with them. But which summer skirt trends are those in the know investing in? We're glad you asked. 

From the new cut-out detail to note to the fresh new spin on a classic print, there seem to be nine specific summer skirt trends following us everywhere on Instagram. Scroll below to see them for yourself, and then shop whichever takes your fancy. 


Summer Skirt Trends: @louisahatt wears a tie-waist skirt



Tie-waist details started cropping up on skirts last year, but now, in 2022, they’re one of the biggest trends of the season. 


Summer Skirt Trends: @aimeesong wears a button-front skirt



Button details always help to make a garment look more expensive, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the skirt line-up below. 


Summer Skirt Trends: @emmanuellek_ wears a checked mini skirt



Florals are always a strong summer style option (more on blooms to come), but checks provide a chic alternative if you want to try something a bit different. From classic gingham to faded plaid, here are some highlights. 


Summer Skirt Trends: @shhtephs wears a plisse pleated skirt



Pleated skirts will always be a style mainstay, but if you’re looking for a more of-the-moment alternative, consider investing in a chic micro-pleat midi instead. 


Summer Skirt Trends: @monikh wears a linen skirt



Breathable and forever elegant, linen skirts are back in a big way for summer 2022. Opt for an ecru shade for maximum wearability, or, if brighter hues are more your thing, might I turn your attention to Jacquemus’s bubblegum-pink offering?


Summer Skirt Trends: @abimarvel wears a gingham wrap skirt



You don’t need to have a beach holiday booked in order to wear a sarong. This season, this easy wrap silhouette is perhaps the most in-demand skirt shape going. 


Summer Skirt Trends: @emilisindlev wears a retro floral print skirt



Floral prints always make a comeback in the warmer months, and for 2022, it’s all about ultra-bright colour palettes and almost retro bloom motifs. 


Summer Skirt Trends: @basma_k wears a tiered midi skirt



If, like me, you still subscribe to the cottagecore aesthetic, then you’ll probably want to add one of these tiered skirts into your outfit rotation. 


Summer Skirt Trends: @raeannlangas wears a pelmet mini skirt



Miniskirts are one of 2022’s most notable trends, with simple pelmet-style skirts proving popular amongst fashion folks, most likely due to their endless versatility. 

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