Summer 2017's It Shoes Are the Good Kind of Weird

The trend we are about to touch on is nothing new, but we're seeing a resurgence of the style like we've never seen before. That trend is the toe-ring strap. Typically seen on simple flat sandals, this particular strapping is now taking on thinner straps, lace-up counterparts, and block heels galore. We first spotted this unusual trend on the Thakoon S/S 17 runway and had a burning inclination that the trend would be everywhere this spring and summer, and we were right.

This prominent toe loop might seem a bit "weird" at first, especially the versions that leave your other toes completely exposed, like on these Céline ones, but it's the kind of weird that will grant you compliments left and right—the good kind of weird. Runway aside, It girls have been taking a particular liking to the aforementioned Céline version, wearing them with everything from pantsuits to denim, and they are even mismatching the colours for a more personalised touch. If you ask us, these sandals make for the perfect go-to style for this summer and beyond, as each pair is comfortable, unique, and functional, all at the same time.

Go on to shop this summer shoe trend that It girls and designers already love.

Summer's It Shoe Trend



Here is the trend in mismatched colours on Aimee Song. Are two different-coloured shoes going to be the next big thing?

Summer's It Shoe Trend



Like we said before, the Thakoon S/S 17 runway is where we first spotted this unusual trend.

Summer's It Shoe Trend


Collage Vintage

They even look good in the winter.

Summer's It Shoe Trend


A Love Is Blind

And with tights…

Zara does everything right, especially this trend.

We're not trying to play favourites, but these pretty much take the cake.

Yellow is proving to be the most beloved colour of the summer.

That sale price is almost too good to be true.

Turn heads with these metallic sandals.

Leave it to Chloé to design perfect hardware.

If you do anything this summer, swap your flip-flops for these.

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