6 Fun Print Trends Guaranteed to Make You Smile This Summer

Spring and summer's colour trends are a bit of a given, aren't they? Yellow, pink, green—these are shades that return in one way or another every warm-weather season. Don't get us wrong. There's nothing we love more than a joyful colour palette, but what we find even more interesting are the summer prints that come out to play this time of year.

Print trends are way more unpredictable than colour trends. Yes, you can always expect to see florals, but how they're going to be interpreted that season is anyone's guess. (Spoiler alert: This year is all about retro, '70s-style blooms.) Then, there are checks. After years spent favouring gingham, now everyone in the know has become borderline obsessed with checkerboard.

These are perhaps the two dominating print trends of the summer, but don't worry if they don't float your sartorial boat. There is a host of other print microtrends you can get on board with that'll give your wardrobe an instant 2022 refresh. Scroll below to see what we consider to be the top summer print trends right now.


Summer Print Trends: @IMANLEILA



Style Notes: It’s expected for florals to make a comeback at this point in the year, but retro, ’70s-inspired florals? They feel incredibly fresh for 2022. 

Shop the trend:

Set against kelly green? This dress is trend overload. 

The ideal accompaniment to straight-leg denim. 

One of the easiest ways to wear it—a midi skirt with a simple white top. 


Summer Print Trends: @MONIKH



Style Notes: It seems that we’re not the only ones in holiday mode this year. Brands are serving up a cocktail of tropical fruity prints for 2022, which are making us want to book a getaway ASAP. 

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This dress will look just as cute with kicks as it will tan sandals. 

The trend isn’t reserved for clothes; even bags are being given the fruity treatment. 

Cherry prints seldom fall off the style agenda, making them perhaps one of the best fruit prints to invest in. 


Summer Print Trends: @SONGOFSTYLE



Style Notes: Although tie-dye is still very prevalent this season, a more delicate take on the motif is starting to sweep the new collections—beautiful watercolour brush strokes. 

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The word “beautiful" definitely applies to this shirt. 

I really love this mix of pastel watercolour and monochromatic dots. 

This trend isn’t limited to powdery hues—make a statement in these rainbow brights. 


Style Notes: Although they started out life as a micro-trend, checkerboard motifs have proven they have serious staying power and, by the look of it, are set to be just as popular for 2022. Instead of black and white combinations, I’m looking to bright clashes to instil some joy into my wardrobe. 

Shop the trend:

It’s not warm enough to go out without a jacket just yet. In the interim, I’d love to be wearing this. 

The silhouette, the print, the colours—this is so ’60s and so fabulous! 

Kendall Jenner is a big fan of Stine Goya knitwear. 

This dress has sell-out written all over it. 


Summer Print Trends: @NNENNAECHEM



Style Notes: This is another variation on the overarching tie-dye trend that’s been captivating fashion for the past few seasons. Now, we’re beginning to see more and more swirl and marble prints coming through. Personally, I might even prefer them to the OG. 

Shop the trend:

From the mesh fabrication to the colour choice, this dress is popping off. 

This cute print also comes in a midi hemline. 

I keep seeing this Mango co-ord on social media. 

Is it swirls? Is it animal print? Either way, it’s gorgeous. 


Summer Print Trends: @BASMA_K



Style Notes: Becoming just as integral to the spring/summer print scene as florals, rainbow stripes are also starting to shine through now that spring is here! 

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How stunning is this cardigan? 

The dress everyone wants from the brand everyone’s currently coveting. 

It wouldn’t be rainbow stripes without a piece from Olivia Rubin. 

If you’re more into pastels, this knitted mini is for you.