While You Were Sleeping: Our Most Read Stories All Week

Happy Sunday! Keep scrolling to catch up on our most read stories of this entire week!

Slim-down summer: Here are 18 cute outfits that will also slim you down this season

The truth, revealed: Here's the real reason you never have anything to wear

Cool-girl approved: We found 50 awesome outfits perfect for even the most stylish of It girls.

Insane: One woman based her entire adult life on Gossip Girl, and she doesn't regret it.

Free but amazing: This $0 trick to walking in heels without pain will change your life.

Gasp: Kim Kardashian wore a dress that only costs $44, and she made it look super-fancy. 

The city that never sleeps: We counted down the funny ways living in New York can change your personal style.

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