These Will Be the 3 Key Outfits of Summer 2019

Summer dressing is like a beginner salsa class; you think you can just let loose and be carefree, but there are actually a lot of steps to consider first. Between sweating on the tube, blisters from new sandals, or flashing when flowy summer dresses catch a rare breeze, it can be difficult to know what to wear in the warmer months.

This is why we aim to be strategic and predict the summer looks that will be reliably comfortable and cool all summer. Last year, the slip skirt came to our rescue and delivered itself as a cult item that ticked all of these boxes. And while we absolutely plan to return to that look this summer, we've also deduced three new outfits that will be key this year. For 2019, we're reducing the frills and thrills. Keep scrolling to see and shop the three key outfit ideas of this summer. 

Best Summer Outfit Ideas 2019: Pleated Skirt and Button Down Top



There is no doubt that pleated skirts will continue their reign this summer, but we also predict we will see a lot of button-down T-shirts thanks to that Chanel S/S 19 one. For a minimal 2019 version, try this look in all beige. 

Best Summer Outfit Ideas 2019: Jessie Bush in Pink Organza Blouse with Jeans and Red Strappy Sandals



From sheer organza blouses (like Jessie's pink Aurore Van Milhelm one) to puff-sleeved tops, we seriously doubt our love of statement tops will end any time soon. We predict we will see lots of fashion people wearing their most OTT going-out tops casually, with denim shorts, a shoulder bag and sandals

Best Summer Outfit Ideas 2019: Monikh Dale in Ghost Dress with Prada Sandals and By Far Shoulder Bag



The easiest outfit of summer 2019 will also arguably be the most popular, considering both Dr Martens and Birkenstock sandals are rapidly rising in popularity. From Alexis Forman to Monikh, we've seen so many London influencers trying this look already. Comfy and chic, it's an instant win.

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