11 Style Blogger Summer Outfits That Stand Out

Summer outfit ideas are now coming in thick and fast thanks to our roll call of top style bloggers embracing the new season with open arms: From riotous ensembles brimming with colour and bursting with lively prints through to the first signs of some bare skin on show (oh legs, how are you after all this time?), there is plenty of inspiration to guide you from the still-relatively-safe guidelines of spring styling and into the adventurous territory that hotter weather brings. Scorching days are surely just around the corner, so you may as well get in the mood.

We’ve noticed a few common threads running between these experts. The trends on repeat are things like white shoes—they simply sit in the place of your all-year-round black ankle boots. Or the fact that no-one would be able to fully function throughout summer without a quality blue shirt or two—if it’s off the shoulder, even better. Then there are the bold, graphic stripe patterns that photograph well—perhaps even more so than cutesy florals.

But for all of these inspired tricks, tweaks and updates, sometimes the simplest getup can still be the most effective: See Tine Andrea of The Fashion Eaters in a loose-fit white dress with turquoise sandals. This combo takes about 15 seconds to put together in the morning—a perfect workwear solution when you’ve over-employed that snooze button…

Scroll down to see our favourite summer starter outfits from key bloggers—and shop a key piece from each.

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