7 Summer Microtrends That Will Spice Up Your Outfits by 100%

Catching the wave of a microtrend is a fun, easy way to flirt with a new personal style without having to completely commit. Microtrends often involve a small styling change or an accent detail that'll give your look a shakeup without fully changing who you are sartorially. Microtrends (as the name suggests) are more under the radar, but they serve as an extension of the major seasonal fashion pillars while also steering us in the direction of next season's biggest trends.

Spring/summer 2019's major fashion trends were somewhat conflicting. If you've been trying to get on board with them, there were some pretty extreme choices. While we began to move toward a very "old" Celine minimalistic aesthetic, with new designers like Peter Do and Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta leading the way to chic sophistication, we also saw so many over-the-top '80s trends happen. While all-beige outfits with Tevas took over, we also saw tie-dye everything and so much neon green.

This summer's top microtrends, however, are not as divisive. In fact, we think just about anybody would want to try these out—from styling tricks to wardrobe additions. Be it the new accessories to try or the fun print we are seeing everywhere right now, keep scrolling to see and shop the seven microtrends we're jumping on this summer.

Summer Microtrends 2019: Vintage Floral Top and Jeans Outfit



From the return of Laura Ashley to contemporary brands like Saks Potts and Rouje, we've seen nostalgic '80s and '90s florals everywhere lately, even in this week's Zara drop. We'd pair this more muted floral print with denim and classic accessories for a low-key fab summer look. 

Summer Microtrends 2019: Utility Shorts Outfit



The utilitarian sensibility that has been so pervasive across 2019 style (see also: Tevas) has extended to summer shorts. Cotton khaki or chino shorts can look so chic paired with a racer tank or button-down T-shirt and classic trainers or loafers and socks. 

Summer Microtrends 2019: Silk Scarves as Tops Styling Trick



On a truly hot summer day, who needs a bra or a blouse? Instead, opt for the timeless trick of a silk scarf as a top—it's very '70s Yves Saint Laurent and best when it's vintage (in our opinion). Come the cooler months, you can tuck them into cosy jumpers or use them as accents on handbags. 

Summer Microtrends 2019: Fabric Summer Sun hats



Last summer was all about the straw hat, and this year is about, well, just about any other kind. From wild patterns and prints to bold hues and bucket hats, there are lots to choose from. They work just as well for a fabulous wedding-guest outfit accessory as they do with jeans and a white tee. 

Summer Microtrends 2019: Ankle-Wrap Sandals Around Trousers



Sometimes a microtrend is so in the details you don't even need to buy anything new—just think outside the box with styling. We keep seeing this trick of tying your ankle straps around the outside of one's flared trousers. It's also easy to try.

Summer Microtrends 2019: Waistcoats as tops easy styling trick



Noughties Kate Moss is called, and she said waistcoats are back. Trade in your tanks and tees for a waistcoat as a top. This is an easy one to find vintage, though we're seeing more and more designers and high-street shops offering their own take on this look.

Summer Microtrends 2019: Scrunchies as bracelets easy styling trick



Think of scrunchies like the accent socks of summer. They're often under £10 and make all the difference. Choose one to match the pattern of your dress, or contrast in colour to add a subtle tonal dynamic. If you're loving this trend so much you'd like to invest a bit more, we're loving organza and silk ones right now too. 

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