29 Summer Loungewear Buys That Will Actually Keep You Cool

I'm no meteorologist, but it's safe to say that it's a bit warm, which means all British people will be moaning about it being too hot, mini Magnums will sell out on Ocado, and you'll struggle to sleep much before midnight. Plus, despite the fact that lockdown measures have eased off, there are still plenty of people working from home, so while the knitted trousers and cosy jumpers were fine from March to early May, they're not so useful during a sweltering June, July and August.

Understandably, you might not feel so comfortable taking those important Zoom business calls in a bikini top. The remedy? Cool loungewear that will actually keep you from perspiring too much but won't look out of place when you need to chat with colleagues. Below, I've selected a range of cotton shirts, relaxed trousers and shorts, as well as loose dresses that are ideal for the coming weather. Keep scrolling for my edit.

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2020 fashion trends to know. 

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