Easy Ways to Take Your Summer Look From Day to Night

One of the biggest challenges we ladies face with summer style is taking our favourite casual daytime looks into the evening. When you're at the pool, the beach, or brunch in a caftan, hitting the bar after in the same outfit isn't always the best idea. (Read: Beachy babe can swiftly turn into beachy mess.)

To help us along on this journey of dressing cute during the summer days and nights, we consulted our resident stylist, Marissa Webb

"I think we all want to be comfortable during the summer heat but still look polished," Webb tells us. "I find that having a few key styling tricks is really helpful in pulling together a look that’s well balanced for day and night."

Curious to know her day-to-night summer magic? Keep scrolling for Marissa Webb's top tips for taking your summer outfit from day to night with ease!

Structured handbags and dressy shoes paired with your favourite comfortable jeans give your comfortable look a more polished edge.

I love a classic T-shirt! I dress mine up by pairing them with lightweight wide-leg trousers or by layering a blazer on top. Adding something a bit more polished with something casual is a great way of dressing up your easy summer pieces.

Think maxi–maxi-length pants, skirts, and dresses. Toss it on and pair with your favourite heels or dressy flats, and maybe add a statement necklace to pump up these otherwise relaxed items.

Layers are key—not in your apparel, but in terms of what other items you can layer on top of your favourite cotton blouse and comfortable bottoms. Think down to your nail polish; often it's the little details that complete the look. Changing the accessory layer around your favourite comfortable clothes can transform a look. I rarely leave home without my bracelets, and I'm currently seeking more statement earrings to pair with my white T-shirts.

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